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Oct 18, 2011

Soooo i HATE group work.

I’m taking a shakespeare class…so of COURSE my teacher decides to put us in these random ass groups so we can act out these 4 scenes from 12th night and make them modern. Good lawd! and i get paired with the lost girl, the slow boy, the girl that talks about everything and NOTHING all at the same time and the over achiever. My GOD-ness! Needless to say we got nada accomplished on wednesday and these bastards were talking about writing out the entire 2 scenes line by line for the next class so we can discuss it. ummmmm how about NO!

how about i read it and TELL u what i think. im gonna sit there and write a line by line interpretation of 2 whole scenes?!!! NAH!

Somebody dun told you WRONG!

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